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Personal Details

Name: Allan Craig Clements
Date of birth: 1979.09.07
Telephone: Available on request
E-mail address: aclements@exploding-planet.com


I am hard working and am constantly seeking to expand my abilities. I can work effectively both on my own and as part of a team. I can think logically and can adapt my ideas to the situation at hand.

I can program in many languages, including C++ and PHP. I have produced many web sites, both on my own and as part of a team including a complex web based strategy game using PHP, JavaScript, HTML and MySQL.

Web Development Experience

Opera Software (August 2004 - June 2010)

Position: QA Systems Developer

Working as part of the QA Systems and Processes team developing systems for internal testing.

VoidWars (2002-2004)

I have experience developing and running an online strategy game with two other friends, for up to 100 players at a time. I have participated in the design, development and testing of the software written in PHP, JavaScript, HTML and MySQL. It is a space based strategy game; the aim of the game is to control the largest portion of the map once the game ends. The only requirements are a web browser and JavaScript enabled. I not only had to deal with typical software bugs but also with more gaming orientated bugs such as balance issues and deal with user complaints (http://www.voidwars.com/).

Education / Qualifications

September 1999 - June 2002 BSc (Hons) Computer Science Graduate at University of Bath
I studied technical subjects such as Programming (C, C++, Scheme, Low-level / Assembler), Computer Architecture and Principles Of Computer Operation, mathematical subjects such as logic and set theory and business studies subjects including Information Management and Financial Accounting. My final year project was a simple 2d game but with the focus being on HCI (Human Computer Interaction) and improving the older games user interface. During my time at university I learnt scripting languages such as Perl and PHP along with internet technologies such as HTML and Javascript in my spare time.
April 1994 - June 1998 Prince Henrys High School, Worcs

A-Levels (Summer 1998)

Mathematics B Further Maths C
Business Studies B Computer Science A
Mathematics B Further Maths C

GCSEs (Summer 1996)

Mathematics A Science (Dual Award) AA
Geography C English C
Design and Technology D English Literature B

Other Experience

Bath University Network Computing Society (September 1999 - June 2004)

Position: Web Master/Committee/Founding member

Helped to start the society in 1999, and my responsibilities as a committee member involved helping to set up and run networks at society LAN meetings, troubleshooting hardware, software and configuration problems on other members' computers and writing articles and helping maintain the society's web page (http://www.bath.ac.uk/~su8buncs/).

MPC Data (September 2000 - September 2001)

Position: Student Engineer

As part of my Computer Science degree at the University of Bath, I spent a year working in industry for a small system software company based in Bradford-on-Avon. My role included updating existing software, mostly in C/C++, designing and implementing new software, and also writing testing documentation and implementing the test plans.

Worcs County Council, Social Services Department, Evesham (September 2003 - December 2003)

Position: Data Entry / Admin Clerk

The website you are viewing now, is entirely developed by myself, using PHP and MySQL, it includes weblogging system, and an Anime database system including episode, actor, character and series details all generated from MySQL using PHP. This website is also standards compliant, and is capable of outputing as HTML and XHTML, depending on whether the browser being used supports it (e.g. sends XHTML to Mozilla and HTML to IE)

Programming Skills

PHP (8 years) Standards Compliant HTML (8 years)
XML (4 years) SQL (8 years, Mostly MySQL)
JavaScript (7 years) CSS (7 years)
Perl (4 years) Java (1 year)
Visual Basic (1 years) C/C++ (1 year)

Operating Systems

UNIX / Linux / X-Windows MS-DOS
Windows 3.x/9x/NT/2k/XP


Apache Web Server Microsoft Visual Studio
MySQL Paint Shop Pro 7
Microsoft Office 2000 Photoshop
Macromedia Flash


Web design is my main interest, and is why I am involved in making a web based game. I have thoroughly enjoyed programming and designing the game and it certainly is an interesting experience dealing with user feedback. Much of my time during 2003 was spent developing and maintaining Voidwars and improving my PHP and MySQL skills.

I often help with hardware and software problems of friends and family, such as installing new hardware or reinstalling their system. I have also built my own computer from components several times since I prefer it to be customised to my needs.

Outside of computers I'm a keen reader of mostly fantasy books, such as books by David Eddings and Ian Irvine.